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X.509: An ITU-T standard for public key infrastructure subsequently adapted by the IETF, as specified in [RFC3280].

XA Protocol: The protocol specified in [XOPEN-DTP].

XA resource manager bridge: A software component that allows an application to enlist an XA Resource Manager in an OleTx Transaction.

XA resource manager bridge facet: A software component that allows a Transaction Manager to communicate with an XA resource manager bridge.

XML: The Extensible Markup Language, as specified in [XML1.0].

XML namespace: A collection of names that is used to identify elements, types, and attributes in XML documents identified in a URI reference [RFC3986]. A combination of XML namespace and local name allows XML documents to use elements, types, and attributes that have the same names but come from different sources. For more information, see [XMLNS-2ED].

XML Schema (XSD): A language that defines the elements, attributes, namespaces, and data types for XML documents as defined by [XMLSCHEMA1/2] and [W3C-XSD] standards. An XML schema uses XML syntax for its language.

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