Windows Dev Center

Before you submit Windows Store apps

Make a plan for how you'll describe and distribute your app. You'll want to be sure to have everything ready before you begin the app submission process.

Sharing your app's identity in the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store

Publishing the same app to both Stores? You have the option to let customers who purchase the app once download it on all of their Windows devices.

Your app in the Windows Store

Make your app stand out! See how your app and description appear in the Windows Store, and get tips for creating engaging descriptions and images to entice your customers.

Choose your markets and languages

From the Windows Store, you can offer your app to customers around the world. Learn where you can sell your app and which languages are supported.

Understand age ratings

To publish an app in the Windows Store, you must give it an appropriate age rating. Your app won’t pass certification if the rating isn’t accurate! Learn about the ratings categories, and how and when to work with ratings boards.



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