Windows.UI.Xaml.Automation.Peers Enumerations

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AccessibilityView enumeration

Declares how a control should included in different views of a Microsoft UI Automation tree.

AutomationControlType enumeration

Specifies the control type that is exposed to the UI Automation client. Used by GetAutomationControlType.

AutomationEvents enumeration

Specifies the event that is raised by the element through the associated AutomationPeer. Used by RaiseAutomationEvent.

AutomationLiveSetting enumeration

Describes the notification characteristics of a particular live region in an app UI. Used by GetLiveSetting and AutomationProperties.LiveSetting.

AutomationOrientation enumeration

Specifies the orientation direction in which a control can be presented. Values are used by GetOrientation.

PatternInterface enumeration

Specifies the control pattern that the GetPattern method returns.




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