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Create Windows Store apps with Blend (XAML)

By using Blend in conjunction with Visual Studio, you can take advantage of the XAML design tools in Blend to build complex user interfaces for Windows Store apps. You can also use Blend to help you fix errors as you go.

With Blend, you can focus on visually creating your UI rather than the syntax of your code.

When you are working in Blend, you are working on a live version of your app. This means that what you see on the design surface is what the user will see when the app is running on their device.

You can also switch between Blend and Visual Studio while you're working on a project. You can even have the same project file open at the same time, on the same computer. When you save a change to a file in one tool and then switch to the other, you simply reload the file to refresh the view of your project.

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