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Text input spell check

Note  Pre-Release Content: This topic is currently being adapted to apply to both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone (code-named "Blue"). To view the Windows 8.1 version of this topic, click here.

A sample of what a standard text input spellcheck control looks like

Control description

During text entry and editing, spell checking informs the user that a word is misspelled by highlighting it with a red squiggle and providing a way for the user to correct the misspelling.

Usage guidance

Use spell checking to help users as they enter words or sentences into text input controls. The spell checking engine automatically corrects misspelled words when it’s confident about the correction. For example, the engine automatically changes “teh” to “the”.

When the spell checking engine is not confident about the corrections, it adds a red line under the misspelled word and displays the alternates in a context menu, when you tap or right-click the word.


A screenshot that illustrates the standard text input with spellcheck control

Related APIs

TextBox.IsSpellCheckEnabled property



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