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Search box

Note  Pre-Release Content: This topic is currently being adapted to apply to both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone (code-named "Blue"). To view the Windows 8.1 version of this topic, click here.

A sample of what a standard search box control looks like

Control description

The Search box is a control that can be used to enter search query text.

Usage guidance

Consider adding a search box to your app canvas if Search is one of the main ways people will get to content in your app. A search box is a great way for users to know where to start. If space is a concern for your layout, use an icon that expands to reveal a search box. Also, you can put your search box in the app bar. Consider putting the search box on every page in your app. Users may be confused if some pages have a search box and others don't, but this decision depends on context and the purpose of your app.


A screen shot that illustrates the standard search box control

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