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Date picker and time picker

Note  Pre-Release Content: This topic is currently being adapted to apply to both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone (code-named "Blue"). To view the Windows 8.1 version of this topic, click here.

A sample of what standard date picker and time picker controls look like

Control description

The date and time pickers provide a standardized way to let users pick a localized date or time by using touch, mouse, or keyboard input.

Usage guidance

Use the date or time picker when a user needs to select a single date or time. The date or time picker is a good option for conserving real estate because the screen space used is fixed and independent of the number of choices. Don't use the date picker for selecting a date range. Don't use the date or time pickers for performing commands, displaying other windows such as dialog boxes, or dynamically displaying other controls.


A screenshot that illustrates standard date picker and time picker contols

Related APIs

WinJS.UI.DatePicker object

WinJS.UI.TimePicker object

DatePicker class

TimePicker class



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