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Bottom app bar

A sample of what a standard app bar control looks like

Control description

The bottom app bar is the recommended place to put commands. By moving commands from the app canvas to the app bar, you deliver the most immersive experience possible to the user.

Explore navigation and commanding functionality in more depth as part of our App features, start to finish series:  Flat navigation, start to finish (HTML and XAML) and Hierarchical navigation, start to finish (HTML and XAML)

Usage guidance

The standard app bar control is intended for the developer who is interested in implementing an app bar with little to no custom work. While it is easy to create an app bar, it is not easy to ensure that it behaves in accordance with Windows guidance and patterns. The CommandBar class and WinJS.UI.AppBar object are made to align with the intended design and behaviors so the developer doesn't have to think about every little detail, and will be less likely to diverge on the common commanding pattern.

If you want to depart from the standard experience and customize your app bars, use the AppBar control instead of the CommandBar control in XAML.


A screenshot illustrating the standard app bar control

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