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Results panel (HTML)

The Results panel provides information that you can use to debug errors in your application.

If you don't see the Results panel, press F12 or click the error notification button Blend error notification button in the upper right corner above the design surface.

The Results panel appears at the bottom of the document window.

The Results panel showing several HTML errors

Blend Results panel (HTML)

Output tab   Provides build information when you build, rebuild, clean, or run a project.

Markup tab   Provides a list of markup errors. Click the arrow next to Markup to switch between HTML and CSS editors.

Console tab   Provides a list of run-time JavaScript errors and console API messages. Click the arrow next to Console to switch between errors, warnings, and messages.


Results table   Metadata in the Markup tab provides metadata to help you address HTML and CSS errors.

The Console tab helps you quickly identify errors, warnings, and messages.


Error   Double-click an individual HTML or CSS error to go to the code that is causing the error.

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