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The topics in this section describe how Direct2D interoperates with other systems, such as GDI, Direct3D, and WIC.

Note  Starting with Windows 8, Direct2D provides the ID2D1DeviceContext interface which provides a simple way to interoperate. See the Devices and Device Contexts topic for more info.


Interoperability Overview

Summarizes the different technologies you can use with Direct2D.

Direct2D and GDI Interoperability Overview

Describes how to use Direct2D and GDI together.

Comparing Direct2D and GDI Hardware Acceleration

Direct2D and GDI are both immediate mode 2D rendering APIs and both offer some degree of hardware acceleration. This topic explores the differences between Direct2D and GDI, including past and present differences in the hardware acceleration features of both APIs.

Direct2D and Direct3D Interoperability Overview

Describes how to use Direct2D and Direct3D 10 together.




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