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Direct3D 9 Video APIs

Important  Windows Store apps must use Microsoft Direct3D 11.

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GPU-Based Content Protection

Describes video content–protection capabilities that a graphics driver can provide.

Hardware Overlay Support

Describes how to use hardware overlays in Direct3D 9.

Memory Pressure Reporting

Memory pressure reporting enables a Direct3D application to determine when its video-memory working set has grown too large.

Direct3D Video Interfaces

Describes the Microsoft Direct3D 9 video interfaces.

Direct3D Video Structures

Describes the structures used by the Direct3D 9 video interfaces.

Direct3D Video Enumerations

Describes the enumerations used by the Direct3D 9 video interfaces.

Content Protection Commands

Lists the commands for the IDirect3DAuthenticatedChannel9::Configure method.

Content Protection Queries

Lists the queries for the IDirect3DAuthenticatedChannel9::Query method.


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