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missing_wait Class


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This class describes an exception thrown when there are tasks still scheduled to a task_group or structured_task_group object at the time that object's destructor executes. This exception will never be thrown if the destructor is reached because of a stack unwinding as the result of an exception.

class missing_wait : public std::exception;

Public Constructors

missing_wait::missing_wait ConstructorOverloaded. Constructs a missing_wait object.

Absent exception flow, you are responsible for calling either the wait or run_and_wait method of a task_group or structured_task_group object before allowing that object to destruct. The runtime throws this exception as an indication that you forgot to call the wait or run_and_wait method.



Header: concrt.h

Namespace: concurrency

Constructs a missing_wait object.

explicit _CRTIMP missing_wait(_In_z_ const char* _Message) throw();

missing_wait() throw();


A descriptive message of the error.

concurrency Namespace
task_group Class
task_group::wait Method
task_group::run_and_wait Method
structured_task_group Class

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