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context_unblock_unbalanced Class


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This class describes an exception thrown when calls to the Block and Unblock methods of a Context object are not properly paired.

class context_unblock_unbalanced : public std::exception;  

Public Constructors

context_unblock_unbalanced::context_unblock_unbalanced ConstructorOverloaded. Constructs a context_unblock_unbalanced object.

Calls to the Block and Unblock methods of a Context object must always be properly paired. The Concurrency Runtime allows the operations to happen in either order. For example, a call to Block can be followed by a call to Unblock, or vice-versa. This exception would be thrown if, for instance, two calls to the Unblock method were made in a row, on a Context object which was not blocked.



Header: concrt.h

Namespace: concurrency

Constructs a context_unblock_unbalanced object.

explicit _CRTIMP context_unblock_unbalanced(_In_z_ const char* _Message) throw();

context_unblock_unbalanced() throw();


A descriptive message of the error.

concurrency Namespace

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