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WsGetMissingMetadataDocumentAddress function

This function returns the address of a missing document that is referenced by the metadata object.

Each document that is added to the metadata object may contain references to other documents. After a document has been added back to the Metadata the function can be used to find the next missing document.

Note  This function will fail if the host name of the URL of the missing address being returned cannot be verified as being one of the host names expected. The expected host names are a union of the following:


HRESULT WINAPI  WsGetMissingMetadataDocumentAddress(
  _In_     WS_METADATA*          metadata,
           WS_ENDPOINT_ADDRESS** address,
  _In_opt_ WS_ERROR*             error


metadata [in]

This parameter is a pointer to a Metadata object that should have the document.


On success this parameter is populated with either a pointer to the address of a missing metadata document, or NULL if there are no missing metadata documents. The returned address URL is fully qualified.

Note   The data returned by this function is valid until the metadata object is freed or reset. The data should not be modified.

error [in, optional]

This parameter is a WS_ERROR pointer to where additional information about the error should be stored if the function fails.

Return value

This function can return one of these values.

Return codeDescription

One or more arguments are invalid.


Ran out of memory.

Other Errors

This function may return other errors not listed above.



Whether or not this function will verify host names of URLs returned can be controlled using the WS_METADATA_PROPERTY_VERIFY_HOST_NAMES enumerator value.

The purpose of the host name verification is to ensure that an application does not use the address without knowing that it is from a host that it is willing to accept metadata from.


Minimum supported client

Windows 7 [desktop apps | Windows Store apps]

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2008 R2 [desktop apps | Windows Store apps]









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