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SpeechSynthesizer.Speak Method (PromptBuilder)

Synchronously speaks the contents of a PromptBuilder object.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Speech.Synthesis
Assembly:  Microsoft.Speech (in Microsoft.Speech.dll)

public void Speak(
	PromptBuilder promptBuilder


Type: Microsoft.Speech.Synthesis.PromptBuilder
The content to speak.

To asynchronously speak the contents of a PromptBuilder object, use SpeakAsync(PromptBuilder).

The following example creates a PromptBuilder object from a string and passes the object as an argument to the Speak(PromptBuilder) method.

using System;
using Microsoft.Speech.Synthesis;

namespace SampleSynthesis
  class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)

      // Initialize a new instance of the SpeechSynthesizer.
      using (SpeechSynthesizer synth = new SpeechSynthesizer())

        // Configure the audio output. 

        // Create a SoundPlayer instance to play the output audio file.
        System.Media.SoundPlayer m_SoundPlayer =
          new System.Media.SoundPlayer(@"C:\Test\Song.wav");

        // Create a PromptBuilder object and append a text string.
        PromptBuilder song = new PromptBuilder();
        song.AppendText("Say the name of the song you want to hear");

        // Speak the contents of the prompt synchronously and play the output file.

      Console.WriteLine("Press any key to exit...");

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