Windows.Devices.Geolocation classes

Windows.Devices.Geolocation classes

The Windows.Devices.Geolocation namespace provides the following classes for accessing the computer's geographic location.

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CivicAddress class

Unsupported API.

GeoboundingBox class

Represents a rectangle that defines a geographic area.

Geocircle class

Describes a geographic circle with a center point and a radius.

Geocoordinate class

Contains the information for identifying a geographic location.

GeocoordinateSatelliteData class

Provides additional information about a Geocoordinate. This information is only applicable to position estimates obtained using satellite signals.

Geolocator class

Provides access to the current geographic location.

Geopath class

Represents an ordered series of geographic points.

Geopoint class

Describes a geographic point.

Geoposition class

Represents a location that may contain latitude and longitude data or venue data.

PositionChangedEventArgs class

Provides data for the PositionChanged event.

StatusChangedEventArgs class

Provides information for the StatusChanged event.

VenueData class

Represents the venue associated with a geographic location.




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