HTML and DOM reference

HTML and DOM reference

This section includes reference topics for HTML and DOM used to build Windows Runtime apps using JavaScript.

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HTML/XHTML Reference

This section documents the elements supported by a Windows Runtime app using JavaScript and Windows Runtime apps.

Document Object Model (DOM) Events

This section describes event objects and properties, including those described in Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3 Events.

Document Object Model (DOM) Traversal and Range

Provides object, methods, and properties that can be used to navigate and manipulate the Document Object Model (DOM), nodes, and text.

HTML5 Audio and Video

This section describes the support a Windows Runtime app using JavaScript provides for the HTML5 Audio and Video APIs.

HTML5 Canvas

Provides an object that is used for drawing, rendering, and manipulating images and graphics on a document.

Basic DOM Reference

This section describes DOM API features defined in other specifications.




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