Windows.Networking.Connectivity enumerations

Windows.Networking.Connectivity enumerations

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CellularApnAuthenticationType enumeration

Defines values that indicate the authentication type used for a APN. These values are referenced when providing APN details using a CellularApnContext object.

DataUsageGranularity enumeration

Defines levels of granularity used when retrieving data usage statistics with GetNetworkUsageAsync

DomainConnectivityLevel enumeration

Defines the domain authentication status for a network connection.

NetworkConnectivityLevel enumeration

Defines the level of connectivity currently available.

NetworkCostType enumeration

Defines the network cost types.

NetworkAuthenticationType enumeration

Defines values that indicate the type of authentication used by the network.

NetworkEncryptionType enumeration

Defines values that indicate the type of encryption used for authentication.

NetworkTypes enumeration

Defines the network connection types.

RoamingStates enumeration

Defines the roaming states.

TriStates enumeration

Used with the NetworkUsageStates structure to define the desired roaming state and shared state of a network connection.

WwanDataClass enumeration

Defines values used to indicate the class of data service provided by a WWAN network connection.

WwanNetworkRegistrationState enumeration

Defines the network registration states for a WWAN connection.




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