Windows.Foundation classes

Windows.Foundation classes

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Deferral class

Stores a DeferralCompletedHandler to be invoked upon completion of the deferral and manipulates the state of the deferral.

MemoryBuffer class

Represents a reference counted memory buffer.

PropertyValue class

Represents a value in a property store (such as a PropertySet instance).

Uri class

Defines an object that represents a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) value and parses it into components. The Uri object is used by many other Windows Runtime APIs that are not necessarily confined to web browser scenarios.

WwwFormUrlDecoder class

Parses a URL query string, and exposes the results as a read-only vector (list) of name-value pairs from the query string.

WwwFormUrlDecoderEntry class

Represents a name-value pair in a URL query string. Use the IWwwFormUrlDecoderEntry interface instead; see Remarks.




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