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Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer namespace

Enables advanced download and upload transfer capabilities within an app. For an overview of Background Transfer capabilities, see Transferring data in the background. Download the Background Transfer sample for examples in JavaScript, C#, and C++.

Note  Background transfer is primarily designed for long-term transfer operations for resources like video, music, and large images. For short-term operations involving transfers of smaller resources (i.e. a couple KB), the HTTP APIs are recommended. HttpClient is preferred and can be used in all languages supported by Windows Store apps. XHR can be used in JavaScript. IXHR2 can be used in C++.


The Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer namespace has these types of members:


BackgroundDownloader Used to configure downloads prior to the actual creation of the download operation using CreateDownload.
BackgroundTransferCompletionGroup Represents a set of background transfer operations (DownloadOperation or UploadOperation objects) that trigger a background task once all the operations are done (if the operations completed successfully) or fail with an error.
BackgroundTransferCompletionGroupTriggerDetails Contains information about a BackgroundTransferCompletionGroup that can be only accessed from the Run method on the IBackgroundTask.
BackgroundTransferContentPart Represents a content part of a multi-part transfer request. Each BackgroundTransferContentPart object can represent either a single string of text content or a single file payload, but not both.
BackgroundTransferError Used to provide errors encountered during a transfer operation.
BackgroundTransferGroup A named group used to associate multiple download or upload operations. This class makes it easy for your app to create these groups and to complete downloads and uploads simultaneously, in serial, or based on priority.
BackgroundUploader Used to configure upload prior to the actual creation of the upload operation using CreateUpload.
ContentPrefetcher Provides properties for specifying web resources to be prefetched. Windows will use heuristics to attempt to download the specified resources in advance of your app being launched by the user.
DownloadOperation Performs an asynchronous download operation. The Background Transfer sample demonstrates this functionality.
ResponseInformation Represents data that is returned by a server response.
UnconstrainedTransferRequestResult Represents the result a request for unconstrained transfers from a BackgroundDownloader or BackgroundUploader object.
UploadOperation Performs an asynchronous upload operation.



The Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer namespace has these enumerations.

BackgroundTransferBehavior Defines values used to indicate if downloads and uploads within a BackgroundTransferGroup run in simultaneously or in serial.
BackgroundTransferCostPolicy Defines values used to specify whether transfers can occur on metered networks.
BackgroundTransferPriority Defines the values used to indicate the priority of a download or upload operation when within a BackgroundTransferGroup.
BackgroundTransferStatus Defines transfer operation status values.



The Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer namespace defines these interfaces.

IBackgroundTransferBase Represents a background transfer operation.
IBackgroundTransferContentPartFactory Creates a BackgroundTransferContentPart object.
IBackgroundTransferOperation Represents a background transfer operation.
IBackgroundTransferOperationPriority Use this interface to determine the priority of a downloads or uploads within a BackgroundTransferGroup. Possible values are defined by the BackgroundTransferPriority enumeration.



The Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer namespace has these structures.

BackgroundDownloadProgress Contains status information about the download operation.
BackgroundUploadProgress Contains status information about the upload operation.



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