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Once you've gotten your app out to customers, you'll want to think about ways to enhance it. Analyzing data and metrics after you’ve shipped a version can help you figure out the best ways to make fixes and improvements. Below, we list a number of things you may want to consider when planning to submit the next version of your app.

Note  The links and specific details below refer to the Windows Store, but you may also find these suggestions helpful when considering how to update apps in the Windows Phone Store.
  • Compare recent ratings and downloads. Your app's ratings can influence a potential customer's decision to download and try it. Compare your ratings to the number downloads you've had over the same period. If the number of downloads is high but the average rating is low, there may be a performance issue or other complaint that you need to address. On the other hand, if ratings are good but downloads seem low, you may want to do more promotion to get the word out about your app.
  • Review and analyze customer feedback. Many customers provide detailed feedback when leaving a review for an app. If there's something they'd like you to change, they'll probably let you know! Looking through these reviews is a great way to learn about problems customers are experiencing, as well as their "wish lists" for future improvements. You might want to look for additional feedback by searching the web for mentions of your app's name, using social media accounts, or including an easy way for customers to send feedback from right within your app.
  • Identify and fix app crashes. Review your app quality metrics to determine how often your app's customers are experiencing crashes or unresponsive events. If you enabled app telemetry data collection, included public symbol files in your app package, and uploaded the .appxupload file, you'll be able to download a .cab file and open it in the Microsoft Visual Studio debugger to get more information so you can determine the best way to resolve the issue.
  • Update your screenshots, artwork, and graphics. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of compelling art, particularly in your Store cover images, tiles, and promo images. Make sure your graphics are as appealing as possible and show your app in its best light.
  • Change your business model. If you're selling your app, think about offering a free trial version so that customers can try it out. You might consider making your app free to download and use, getting revenue by displaying ads in your app instead of asking customers to purchase it. Or you could offer a free version that contains ads, but offer an in-app product which customers can buy if they want to remove ads completely. See Monetization and business models for more information on different ways you can make money with Windows Store apps.
  • Add a language. If you have written your app for a single language, consider adding support for an additional language to reach more customers in worldwide markets. For information about how to localize your app, see Globalizing your app and Localizing the package manifest.

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