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Gets a pointer to the designated value.

Ty *operator->() const;

The selection operator returns get(), so that the expression sp->member behaves the same as (sp.get())->member where sp is an object of class shared_ptr<Ty>. Hence, the stored pointer must not be null, and Ty must be a class, structure, or union type with a member member.



// std_tr1__memory__shared_ptr_operator_ar.cpp 
// compile with: /EHsc 
#include <memory> 
#include <iostream> 

typedef std::pair<int, int> Mypair; 
int main() 
    std::shared_ptr<Mypair> sp0(new Mypair(1, 2)); 

    std::cout << "sp0->first == " << sp0->first << std::endl; 
    std::cout << "sp0->second == " << sp0->second << std::endl; 

    return (0); 

sp0->first == 1
sp0->second == 2


Header: <memory>

Namespace: std

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