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result_of Class


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struct result_of {
typedef T0 type;


A description of a function call (see Remarks section).

The template class defines its member type as a synonym for the return type of a function call described by its template argument Ty. The template argument must be of the form Fty(T1, T2, ..., TN), where Fty is a callable type. The template determines the return type according to the first of the following rules that applies:

  • if Fty is a pointer to function type R(*)(U1, U2, ..., UN) the return type is R;

  • if Fty is a reference to function type R(&)(U1, U2, ..., UN) the return type is R;

  • if Fty is a pointer to member function type R(U1::*)(U2, ..., UN) the return type is R;

  • if Fty is a pointer to data member type R U1::* the return type is R;

  • if Fty is a class with a member typedef result_type the return type is Fty::result_type;

  • if N is 0 (that is, Ty is of the form Fty()) the return type is void;

  • if Fty is a class with a member template named result the return type is Fty::result<T1, T2, ..., TN>::type;

  • in all other cases it is an error.


// std_tr1__functional__result_of.cpp   
// compile with: /EHsc   
#include <functional>   
#include <iostream>   
double square(double x)   
    return (x * x);   
template<class Fun,   
    class Arg>   
    void test_result(const Fun& fun, Arg arg)   
    typename std::result_of<Fun(Arg)>::type val = fun(arg);   
    std::cout << "val == " << val << std::endl;   
int main()   
    test_result(&square, 3.0);   
    return (0);   

val == 9  

Header: <functional>

Namespace: std

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