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is_bind_expression Class


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Tests if type generated by calling bind.

struct is_bind_expression {
static const bool value;

The constant value value is true if the type Ty is a type returned by a call to bind, otherwise false.

// std_tr1__functional__is_bind_expression.cpp   
// compile with: /EHsc   
#include <functional>   
#include <iostream>   
void square(double x)   
    std::cout << x << "^2 == " << x * x << std::endl;   
template<class Expr>   
    void test_for_bind(const Expr&)   
    std::cout << std::is_bind_expression<Expr>::value << std::endl;   
int main()   
    test_for_bind(3.0 * 3.0);   
    test_for_bind(std::bind(square, 3));   
    return (0);   


Header: <functional>

Namespace: std

bind Function

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