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ID3D10Device::DrawIndexedInstanced method

Draw indexed, instanced primitives.


void DrawIndexedInstanced(
  [in] UINT IndexCountPerInstance,
  [in] UINT InstanceCount,
  [in] UINT StartIndexLocation,
  [in] INT  BaseVertexLocation,
  [in] UINT StartInstanceLocation


IndexCountPerInstance [in]

Type: UINT

Size of the index buffer used in each instance.

InstanceCount [in]

Type: UINT

Number of instances to draw.

StartIndexLocation [in]

Type: UINT

Index of the first index.

BaseVertexLocation [in]

Type: INT

Index of the first vertex. The index is signed, which allows a negative index. If the negative index plus the index value from the index buffer are less than 0, the result is undefined.

StartInstanceLocation [in]

Type: UINT

Index of the first instance.

Return value

Returns nothing.


A draw API submits work to the rendering pipeline.

Instancing may extend performance by reusing the same geometry to draw multiple objects in a scene. One example of instancing could be to draw the same object with different positions and colors. Indexing requires multiple vertex buffers: at least one for per-vertex data and a second buffer for per-instance data. For an example of instancing, see the Instancing10 Sample.






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