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Control Styles and Templates


Controls in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) have a ControlTemplate that contains the visual tree of that control. You can change the structure and appearance of a control by modifying the ControlTemplate of that control. There is no way to replace only part of the visual tree of a control; to change the visual tree of a control you must set the Template property of the control to its new and complete ControlTemplate.

The desktop themes determine which resource dictionary is used. The desktop themes determine which resource dictionary is used. To get the resource dictionaries for the desktop themes, see Default WPF Themes.

The following table describes the resource dictionary file names and their corresponding desktop themes.

Theme file

Desktop theme


Classic Windows look (from Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows 2000) on the Windows XP operating system..


Default blue theme on Windows XP.


Olive theme on Windows XP.


Silver theme on Windows XP.


Default theme on the Windows XP Media Center Edition operating system.


Default theme on the Windows Vista operating system.




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