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Working with Images, Bitmaps, Icons, and Metafiles


GDI+ provides the Bitmap class for working with raster images and the Metafile class for working with vector images. The Bitmap and the Metafile classes both inherit from the Image class.

In This Section

How to: Draw an Existing Bitmap to the Screen

Describes how to load and draw bitmaps.

How to: Load and Display Metafiles

Shows how to load and draw metafiles.

Cropping and Scaling Images in GDI+

Explains how to crop and scale vector and raster images.

How to: Rotate, Reflect, and Skew Images

Describes how to draw rotated, reflected and skewed images.

How to: Use Interpolation Mode to Control Image Quality During Scaling

Shows how to use the InterpolationMode enumeration to change image quality.

How to: Create Thumbnail Images

Describes how to create thumbnail images.

How to: Improve Performance by Avoiding Automatic Scaling

Explains how to draw an image without automatic scaling.

How to: Read Image Metadata

Describes how to read metadata from an image.

How to: Create a Bitmap at Run Time

Shows how to draw a bitmap at runtime.

How to: Extract the Icon Associated with a File in Windows Forms

Describes how to extract an icon that is an embedded resource of a file.



Describes this class and has links to all of its members.


Describes this class and has links to all of its members.


Describes this class and has links to all of its members.

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