Scheduled notifications

Guidelines for scheduled notifications

You can use scheduled notifications to regularly update your app's tile or send toast notifications to a user. Follow these guidelines when adding scheduled tile and toast notifications to your Windows Store app.

Should my app use scheduled notifications?

Use scheduled notifications if you want your app's tile, badge, or toast to be regularly updated with content from within your app. Scheduled notifications are identical to local notifications, except that they specify the time when a tile or badge should be updated or when a toast should appear.

If your notification content is time-sensitive (like breaking news), appears at unpredictable times (like incoming emails), depends on data from outside of your app, or needs to be updated when your app isn't running, you'll need to use another form of notification delivery.

For a brief overview of the four types of notification delivery available for Windows Store apps, see Choose a notification delivery method.


  • Follow the recommendations in Guidelines for tiles and Guidelines for toast notifications when planning the content for your tile or toast and determining how frequently each should be updated.
  • Consider using background tasks to update the schedule periodically using the MaintenanceTrigger class. For example, your app can initially schedule notifications a week in advance and use the MaintenanceTrigger class to continue to schedule successive weeks on an ongoing basis, even without the user launching your app during any given week.
  • Consider using a timeZoneChange system trigger to respond to changes to the system clock, such as Daylight Savings Time. By default, scheduled notifications are triggered in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and are not updated automatically in response to system clock changes. For example, a reminder app would need to change the scheduled time of the reminders when the system time changes. To do so, your app can use a background task that responds to the timeZoneChange trigger, adjusting its timing appropriately.

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