This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Viewing Classes, Members, and Symbols

These user interface elements provide graphical interfaces that allow you to select and examine the objects used in Visual Studio projects and their members, and objects and members available within such structures as .NET Framework and COM components, and dynamic list (.dll) and type (.tlb) libraries.

In the Object Browser, available objects (namespaces, types, interfaces, enumerations, and other containers) can be expanded to reveal ordered lists of their members (classes, properties, methods, events, constants, variables, and other contained items).

Class View displays a hierarchical tree view of the symbols for objects and their members found within the code of the projects you are developing. Each entry is a link to the line in your code where that instance occurs.

Viewing Classes and Their Members

Includes topics on how to use Class View.

Browsing Code and Components

Includes topics on using the Object Browser.

Using .bsc Files to Browse to References of C++ Symbols

Provides information on how to create a .bsc file so you can browse references to symbols in C++ projects.

Class View and Object Browser Icons

Provides a table of the icons displayed in Class View, each one representing a different type of symbol, such as a namespace, class, function, or variable.

Call Browser

Describes the Call Browser window, which allows you to search for function calls.