This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ATL Advanced Samples

The following topics are the abstracts for the ATL advanced samples.

ACTIVEDOC Sample: Implements an Active Document Server

Demonstrates how to implement an Active Document Server.

ASYNC Sample: Downloads Data Asynchronously

Downloads data asynchronously from a URL.

ATLDuck Sample: Uses Connection Points with ATL

Demonstrates using connection points with ATL controls.

ATLSecurity Sample: Demonstrates ATL Security Classes

Shows how to use the ATL security classes to examine security settings.

ATLTraceTool Sample: Displays Output of ATLTRACE2

Displays the output generated by the ATLTRACE2 macro.

CThreadPool Sample: Demonstrates How to Use a Thread Pool

Shows how to use a thread pool in an application and how implementing a thread pool can improve the application's performance.

DCOM Sample: Demonstrates Remotely Calling a COM Object

Demonstrates how to call a COM object implemented in a Windows service from multiple clients running on different machines.

Marquee Sample: Provides Performance Monitoring Data Through Scripting

Shows how to use performance monitor objects through scripting.

MFCATL Sample: Uses ATL COM Objects in an MFC Server

Illustrates how ATL COM objects can be used in an MFC server EXE.

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