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Rename Dialog Box
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Rename Dialog Box 

Use Rename to rename identifiers in your code for symbols such as fields, local variables, methods, namespaces, properties, and types.

New Name

Specifies the new name for an identifier, which is the code element that you intend to rename.


Identifies the namespace to search when performing the rename operation.

Preview Reference Changes

Specifies to preview changes in the Preview Changes — Rename dialog box before your code is modified.

Search in comments

Specifies to search in comments when the check box is selected.

Search in strings

Specifies to search in strings when the check box is selected.

Rename overloads

Specifies to include method overloads in the refactoring operation. If checked, the refactoring engine only renames methods of the same name within the type - not in base or inherited types.


This option is only available for methods.


When comments and strings are searched by the Rename refactoring operation, the text is changed based on simple string matching in a global search and replace operation. It is recommended that you select Preview Reference Changes when Search in comments or Search in strings is selected.

When renaming a namespace, Visual Studio also updates the Default Namespace property on the Application Page of the Project Designer. This property cannot be reset by selecting Undo from the Edit menu. To reset the Default Namespace property value, you must edit the property in the Project Designer.

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