This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

TimeSheet Class

Office 2007

Includes methods for managing timesheets in Microsoft Office Project Server 2007.

Namespace:  WebSvcTimeSheet
Assembly:  ProjectServerWebServices (in ProjectServerWebServices.dll)

[WebServiceBindingAttribute(Name = "TimeSheetSoap", Namespace = "")]
public class TimeSheet : SoapHttpClientProtocol

The timesheet service can import information from projects and server settings, and can optionally provide updates to the Statusing subsystem.

Before you can use the timesheet subsystem, you must create time periods. You can use the Project Web Access Administration section (as documented in Maintain Projects) or the UpdateReportingPeriods method. You can also define financial periods, but these are not required.

After the time periods are created, you can create timesheets. Timesheet behavior is affected by server settings and user configuration. The RES_TIMESHEET_MGR_UID property contains the unique ID of the user who reviews timesheets submitted by that user. If the timesheet manager has the ApproveTimesheets permission, he or she can accept or reject timesheets submitted by that user. If the timesheet manager does not have the ApproveTimesheets category permission for that user, he or she is a timesheet reviewer.

When a timesheet manager accepts a timesheet, it is routed to the next timesheet manager for acceptance. If the value of the RES_TIMESHEET_MGR_UID property is the same as RES_UID(), the user is considered an auto-approve timesheet user. When the user submits a timesheet it is approved automatically.

If an enterprise resource has the RES_TIMESHEET_MGR_UID property set to a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic), the resource is considered an optional timesheet user. Timesheets are not required for optional timesheet users. They do not appear on late timesheet reports, and other related automatic features are not enabled.

When a timesheet is finalized and should not be changed, the TS_IS_PROCESSED property should be set to true. When TS_IS_PROCESSED is true, the timesheet can no longer be recalled or deleted.

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