LoginWindows Web Service

The LoginWindows class is the primary class in the [LoginWindows Web service] namespace. The LoginWindows class is used only in multi-authentication (claims- and forms-based) environments for ASMX-based applications.

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In the ASMX web service, LoginWindows is a class. In the WCF service, LoginWindows is an interface that is implemented in the LoginWindowsClient class. For information about using the LoginWindowsClient class in a WCF-based application, see the Project class constructor.

The LoginWindows class is not used in Microsoft Project Server 2010 installations that have only claims authentication. Because of claims authentication, integrated Windows authentication works without a call to the Login method in WCF-based applications.

The LoginWindows class in the web service includes only the Login and Logoff methods. A separate LoginWindows.asmx file is included in each Project Web App virtual site in a SharePoint farm. [LoginWindows Web service] is available only through Project Web App; it is not one of the services in the Project service application that is hosted on the SharePoint web Services site.

For logon and logoff with Forms authentication, see [LoginForms Web service].

For more information about developing ASMX-based applications in a multi-authentication environment, see Prerequisites for ASMX-Based Code Samples.

  Class Description
Public class LoginWindows The LoginWindows class is used only in multi-authentication (claims- and Forms-based) environments for ASMX applications.

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