LoginForms Web Service

The LoginForms class is the primary class in the [LoginForms Web service] namespace. The LoginForms class includes methods that can log on and log off Project Server users by using Forms authentication.

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In the ASMX web service, LoginForms is a class. In the WCF service, LoginForms is an interface that is implemented in the LoginFormsClient class. For information about using the LoginFormsClient class in a WCF-based application, see the LoginForms class constructor.

The [LoginForms Web service] namespace is an arbitrary name for a reference to the LoginForms.asmx web service in Microsoft Project Server 2010. The LoginForms class includes only the Login and Logoff methods.

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A separate LoginForms.asmx file is included in each Project Web App virtual site in a SharePoint farm. [LoginForms Web service] is available only through Project Web App; it is not one of the services in the Project Server service application that is hosted on the SharePoint web Services site.

You can access [LoginForms Web service] with a URL such as the following:

http:// ServerName / ProjectServerName /_vti_bin/psi/LoginForms.asmx

Note Note

Claims authentication handles logon and logoff with integrated Windows authentication. ASMX-based Project 2010 applications developed for multi-authentication environments must use the Login method in the [LoginWindows Web service].LoginWindows class for Windows users.

For more information about developing ASMX-based applications in a multi-authentication environment, see Prerequisites for ASMX-Based Code Samples.

  Class Description
Public class LoginForms Includes the Login and Logoff methods for Forms authentication by Project Server.