CustomFields Web Service

The CustomFields class is the primary class in the [CustomFields Web service] namespace. The CustomFields class includes methods that manage enterprise custom fields.


In the ASMX web service, CustomFields is a class. In the WCF service, CustomFields is an interface that is implemented in the CustomFieldsClient class. For information about using the CustomFieldsClient class in a WCF-based application, see the CustomFields class constructor.

The [CustomFields Web service] namespace is an arbitrary name for a reference to the CustomFields.asmx web service (or the CustomFields.svc service) of the PSI in Microsoft Project Server 2010. Methods in the CustomFields class check out, check in, read, create, delete, and update enterprise custom fields.

CustomFields methods typically use or return a CustomFieldDataSet object.

Public classCustomFieldDataSetRepresents one or more task, resource, or project enterprise custom fields.
Public classCustomFieldDataSet.CustomFieldsDataTableRepresents enterprise custom fields that are defined in one or more CustomFieldDataSet.CustomFieldsRow rows.
Public classCustomFieldDataSet.CustomFieldsRowAn enterprise custom field.
Public classCustomFieldDataSet.CustomFieldsRowChangeEventEvent that occurs when data in a CustomFieldsRow is changed.
Public classCustomFieldsThis class includes methods for managing enterprise custom fields in Project Server.

Public delegateCustomFieldDataSet.CustomFieldsRowChangeEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles events which occur when an action is performed on CustomFieldDataSet.CustomFieldsRow data.

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