FieldType Enumeration

Specifies the type of a field associated with a document that is copied by using a Copy web service operation.

Namespace:  [Copy Web service]
Web service reference: http://Site/_vti_bin/Copy.asmx

public enum FieldType

Member nameDescription
InvalidAn Invalid field type.
IntegerAn Integer field.
TextA Text field.
NoteA Note field.
DateTimeA DateTime field.
CounterA Counter field.
ChoiceA Choice field.
LookupA Lookup field.
BooleanA Boolean field.
NumberA Number field.
CurrencyA Currency field.
URLA URL field.
ComputedA Computed field.
ThreadingA Threading field.
GuidA Guid field.
MultiChoiceA MultiChoice field.
GridChoiceA GridChoice field.
CalculatedA Calculated field.
FileA File field.
AttachmentsAn Attachments field.
UserA User field.
RecurrenceA Recurrence field.
CrossProjectLinkA CrossProjectLink field.
ModStatA ModStat field.
AllDayEventAn AllDayEvent field.
ErrorAn Error field.

The members of this enumeration correspond to the members of the SPFieldType enumeration.