CopyErrorCode enumeration

Specifies the result (not necessarily an error) of a Copy web service operation.

Namespace:  WebSvcCopy
Assembly:  STSSOAP (in STSSOAP.dll)

<SerializableAttribute> _
Public Enumeration CopyErrorCode
Dim instance As CopyErrorCode

Member nameDescription
SuccessThe copy operation is successful.
DestinationInvalidThe specified destination is invalid.
DestinationMWSThe specified destination is a meeting workspace site and copying into meeting workspace sites is not supported.
SourceInvalidThe specified document source is invalid.
DestinationCheckedOutThe URL for the document's destination specifies a document that is checked out by another user.
InvalidUrlThe specified URL is invalid.
UnknownThe copyoperation generated an unknown error.

This enumeration is used primarily as the value of the ErrorCode property.

Note that, despite the name of this enumeration, one possible value is Success.