SimpleMembershipProvider.PasswordFormat Property

Gets a value that indicates the format for storing passwords.

Namespace:  WebMatrix.WebData
Assembly:  WebMatrix.WebData (in WebMatrix.WebData.dll)

public override MembershipPasswordFormat PasswordFormat { get; }

Property Value

Type: System.Web.Security.MembershipPasswordFormat
One of the enumeration values that indicates the format.

The PasswordFormat property indicates the format that passwords are stored in. Passwords can be stored in Clear, Encrypted, or Hashed password formats. Clear passwords are stored in plain text, which improves the performance of password storage and retrieval but is less secure, because passwords are easily read if your data source is compromised. Encrypted passwords are encrypted and can be decrypted for password comparison or password retrieval. This requires additional processing for password storage and retrieval, but is more secure. Hashed passwords are hashed using a one-way hash algorithm and a randomly generated salt value. When a password is validated, it is hashed with the salt value in the database for verification. Hashed passwords cannot be retrieved. If passwords are hashed, they must be recovered by creating a new password.