This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Making Objects Remotable 

The .NET remoting infrastructure enables object references to cross application-domain and context boundaries. This section describes those boundaries and how different types of objects cross them.

In This Section

Boundaries: Processes and Application Domains

Describes the isolation boundaries that the Windows operating system and managed run-time environment provides to protect individual applications from the failure of other applications.

Remotable and Nonremotable Objects

Describes remotable and nonremotable objects.

How to: Create an Exception Type That Can be Thrown by Remote Objects

Describes how to create an exception type that can be thrown by remote objects

Using Generic Types With .NET Framework Remoting

Describes how to use generic types in .NET Remoting distributed applications.

Events and Delegates with .NET Framework Remoting

Describes how to use events and delegates in a .NET Remoting application.

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