This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Managing Solutions, Projects, and Files

The following topics describe common tasks you can perform when working with solutions and projects.

In This Section

Introduction to Solutions, Projects, and Items

Understand the concepts of solutions, projects, and items as well as the advantages of using Visual Studio .NET to manage your development projects and files.

Creating New Solutions and Projects
Start new projects in Visual Studio.
Using Solution Explorer
Manage items in Solution Explorer.
Multi-Project Solutions
Work on more than one project at a time within one instance of the integrated development environment (IDE).
Adding and Removing Solution Items
Share items in a solution with multiple projects.
Managing Files in the Miscellaneous Files Folder
Work on files that are not associated with a project or solution.
Adding New Project Items
Work on items that are associated with a specific project.
Adding and Removing Web References
Expose Web Services in your application and find additional Web Service-related topics.
Managing Files with Encoding
Work with files that have language encoding.
Preparing and Managing Builds
Configure builds for solutions and projects.
Deploying Applications
Distribute your finished application or component to other computers.

Related Sections

Editing Code, HTML, and Text
Use the Code Editor.
Managing Projects
Manage files in projects that are specific to Visual Basic .NET and C#.
Creating and Managing Visual C++ Projects
Work with files in projects specific to Visual C++ .NET.
Globalization and Localization Issues
Incorporate encoding standards such as ANSI, Unicode, and others.
File Installation Management in Deployment
Use the File System Editor to manage distribution of your files.
File Types Management in Deployment
Control how a target computer reads and implements files based on file extensions.
Adding Solutions and Projects to Source Control
Apply Source Control to manage versions of your solutions and projects.

Additional Information

Designing Distributed Applications
Consider the high-level view of application design in Visual Studio .NET.
Choosing Tools and Technologies
Decide which technologies best suit your development requirements.
Build Configurations
Examine the project and solution build processes provided by Visual Studio .NET.
Deploying Applications and Components
Explore the deployment tools and technologies.
Introduction to Solutions, Projects, and Items
Understand how solutions and projects manage files for you.

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