We recommend using Visual Studio 2017
This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Managing Solutions, Projects, and Files

The following topics describe common tasks you can perform when working with solutions and projects.

Introduction to Solutions, Projects, and Items

Understand the concepts of solutions, projects, and items as well as the advantages of using Visual Studio to manage your development projects and files.

Project Properties (Visual Studio)

Discusses the Project Designer and how to modify project settings.

Multi-Project Solutions

Work on more than one project at a time within one instance of the integrated development environment (IDE).

Stand-Alone Projects

Understand what stand-alone projects are and when you can work with them.

Temporary Projects

Understand what temporary projects are and when you can work with them.

Visual Studio Templates

Provides an overview the project and item template architecture and implementation.

Targeting a Specific .NET Framework Version or Profile

Describes how to enable your projects to target a specific version of the .NET Framework.

Solution, Project, and File User Interface Elements

Reference for user interface elements that enable you to configure your solutions, projects, and files.

Getting Started with Visual Studio

Contains information on migrating applications, and the walkthroughs and samples available to increase your familiarity with Visual Studio.

Editing Text, Code, and Markup

Explains how to use the Code Editor.

Globalizing and Localizing Applications

Explains how to incorporate encoding standards such as ANSI, Unicode, and others.

Creating and Managing Visual C++ Projects

Explains how to work with files in projects specific to Visual C++.

File Installation Management in Deployment

Explains how to use the File System Editor to manage distribution of your files.

File Types Management in Deployment

Explains how to control how a target computer reads and implements files based on file extensions.

How to: Add a Project to Source Control

Explains how to apply Source Control to manage versions of your solutions and projects.