This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

SourceSafe Options Dialog Box, Web Tab (Administrator)

Visual Studio 2005

Sets options that are general to all Web projects in your Visual SourceSafe database. Two options apply to Web projects that are deployed through a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) firewall, and one option applies to the Check Hyperlinks command. You can use the Web Projects tab of the SourceSafe Options dialog box to set options for a specific Web project.


You must quit Visual SourceSafe Administrator and tell all your users to close and restart Visual SourceSafe Explorer for the changes that you make in this tab to take effect.

Dialog Box Access

In Visual SourceSafe Administrator, on the Tools menu, click Options, then Web.

Default filename for Web Pages

Specifies the file name that Visual SourceSafe appends to a URL that ends in a folder name during an execution of the Check Hyperlinks command. This file name defaults to "Default.htm". Setting this option also sets the Web_Default_Filename initialization variable in Srcsafe.ini.

Do not use the proxy for these local servers

Specifies local servers for which the proxy is not appropriate because they are inside the firewall. Setting this option sets the Deploy_Host_Local initialization variable in Srcsafe.ini.

Proxy for deploying over ftp

Specifies a proxy for deploying remotely through a firewall. Setting this option sets the Deploy_Proxy initialization variable in Srcsafe.ini.

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