Mobile Device Capabilities

ASP.NET provides an extensible mechanism for identifying a mobile client device, and for making the information available to the ASP.NET page framework and the ASP.NET mobile Web application. Like the HttpBrowserCapabilities class, the MobileCapabilities class provides information about the browser making the request. This section explains these device capabilities, and how you can use them to customize your application for specific mobile devices.

Device Evaluation Methods

Discusses how to create named evaluation methods for determining mobile device capabilities.

Evaluating Capabilities Programmatically

Describes how to use the HasCapability method of the MobileCapabilities class. By calling this method, you can evaluate built-in capabilities, comparison evaluator filters, and evaluator-delegate filters.

Extended Browser Capabilities

Describes the MobileCapabilities class.

Device Capabilities Table

Provides a summary of available MobileCapability properties.

Device Filtering Recommendations

Discusses best practices for using filtering with the <DeviceSpecific> and <Choice> elements, including instructions for adding filters to the Web.config file.

Configuring a Web Application for Multiple Devices

Provides detailed information about designing and configuring a multiple-device mobile Web application.

Using Device-Specific Templates

Discusses programming techniques for mixing device-specific markup languages.