This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

COleControlSite Class

Provides support for custom client-side control interfaces.

class COleControlSite : public CCmdTarget

This support is the primary means by which an embedded ActiveX control obtains information about the location and extent of its display site, its moniker, its user interface, its ambient properties, and other resources provided by its container. COleControlSite fully implements the IOleControlSite, IOleInPlaceSite, IOleClientSite, IPropertyNotifySink, IBoundObjectSite, INotifyDBEvents, IRowSetNotify interfaces. In addition, the IDispatch interface (providing support for ambient properties and event sinks) is also implemented.

To create an ActiveX control site using COleControlSite, derive a class from COleControlSite. In your CWnd-derived class for the container (for instance, your dialog box) override the CWnd::CreateControlSite function.

Header: afxocc.h