This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Adding Predefined Launch Conditions

Predefined launch conditions allow you to add both a search and a launch condition in a single step. The Property property for the search is automatically referenced in the Condition property of the launch condition. If the search is not successful, the launch condition will display an error message dialog box and the installation will be terminated.

Predefined launch conditions are available for files, registry entries, Windows Installer components, the .NET Framework common language runtime, and Internet Information Services.

To add a predefined launch condition

  1. In the Launch Conditions Editor, select the Requirements on Target Machine node.
  2. On the Action menu, choose Add File Launch Condition, Add Registry Launch Condition, Add Windows Installer Launch Condition, Add .NET Framework Launch Condition, or Add Internet Information Services Launch Condition.

    A search node and a condition node will be added to the Launch Conditions Editor.

    Note   For a .NET Framework launch condition, only a condition node will be added.
  3. Select the search node. In the Properties window, enter values for the properties as necessary.
  4. Select the condition node. In the Properties window, enter values for the properties as necessary.

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