Project Explorer

The Project Explorer allows you to view and manage macros and macro projects in the Macros IDE. You can use it to add or delete new items, classes, and modules to macro projects, check project and item properties, and build macro projects.

You can invoke the Macros IDE by:

  • right-clicking the Macros node in the Macro Explorer window and selecting Macros IDE


  • right-clicking a macro name and selecting Edit


  • pressing ALT + F11


  • selecting Macros IDE on the Macros submenu of the Tools menu.

Macro projects appear as top-level items in the tree view with their items, such as modules and references, displayed hierarchically beneath. Click the plus sign (+) next to an item's name to view the items it contains.

The Project Explorer works in close partnership with Visual Studio Macro Explorer. Changes made in one window, such as adding or deleting items, are reflected in the other.


The Project Explorer is specific to the Macro Explorer IDE. For Visual Studio, the equivalent is Solution Explorer. For details, see Solution Explorer.


Displays properties for the selected Project Explorer item. When a project node is selected, clicking this button invokes the [ProjectName] Property Pages dialog box. If any other node is selected, clicking this button invokes the Properties window, if not already displayed. You can also get properties for a project by selecting it and pressing F4, or by selecting Property Pages on the View menu.

  • Opening Files   To open a file, double-click it, or right-click it and select Open.

  • Adding Files   To add an item, class, or module to a project, choose the appropriate command from the Project menu, or right-click a project node, select Add, and then select the appropriate command.

  • Cutting and Copying Files   To cut or copy files, select them and then select Cut or Copy on the Edit menu, or right-click the files and select Cut or Copy.

  • Deleting Files    To delete a file in a project, right-click the item and select Delete.

  • Adding References   To add a reference to a project, select Add Reference on the Project menu, or right-click References in the project and select Add Reference.

  • Exporting Files   To export a file, select it and select Export on the File menu, or right-click the file and select Export.

  • Drag and Drop   You can drag and drop files from one project to another. This action moves the file to the drop target location. Pressing the CTRL key while selecting the file copies the file to the specified location.


    The Project Explorer does not support Windows right-click drag and drop behavior.

  • Multiple-selection   You can select multiple items in a project. Select multiple items when you want to perform batch operations (simultaneously opening multiple files for editing, for example) or when you want to determine or edit the properties shared by two or more project items.

    To select contiguous items, click the first item, hold down the SHIFT key, and then click the last item. To select items non-contiguously, press the CTRL key and click the items you want to select.

    When multiple items are selected, the Properties Page displays only the properties shared by all of the selected items.

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