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_mbccpy, _mbccpy_l

Copy a multibyte character from one string to another string. More secure versions of these functions are available; see _mbccpy_s, _mbccpy_s_l.

void _mbccpy(
   unsigned char *dest,
   const unsigned char *src 
void _mbccpy_l(
   unsigned char *dest,
   const unsigned char *src,
   _locale_t locale


Copy destination.


Multibyte character to copy.


Locale to use.

The _mbccpy function copies one multibyte character from src to dest.

This function validates its parameters. If _mbccpy is passed a null pointer for dest or src, the invalid parameter handler is invoked, as described in Parameter Validation. If execution is allowed to continue, errno is set to EINVAL.

_mbccpy uses the current locale for any locale-dependent behavior. _mbccpy_l is identical to _mbccpy except that _mbccpy_l uses the locale passed in for any locale-dependent behavior. For more information, see Locale.

Security Note   Use a null-terminated string. The null-terminated string must not exceed the size of the destination buffer. For more information, see Avoiding Buffer Overruns. Buffer overrun problems are a frequent method of system attack, resulting in an unwarranted elevation of privilege.

Generic-Text Routine Mappings

Tchar.h routine

_UNICODE and _MBCS not defined

_MBCS defined

_UNICODE defined


Maps to macro or inline function


Maps to macro or inline function






Required header





For more compatibility information, see Compatibility in the Introduction.

Not applicable. To call the standard C function, use PInvoke. For more information, see Platform Invoke Examples.

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