Library Naming Conventions


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Object-code libraries for MFC use the following naming conventions. The library names have the form


where the letters shown in italic lowercase are placeholders for specifiers whose meanings are shown in the following table:

Library Naming Conventions

SpecifierValues and meanings
uANSI (N) or Unicode (U)
cType of program to create: C=all
dDebug or Release: D=Debug; omit specifier for Release

The default is to build a debug Windows ANSI application for the Intel platform: NAFXCWD.Lib. All libraries listed in the following table are included prebuilt in the \atlmfc\lib directory on the Visual C++ CD-ROM.

Static-Link Library Naming Conventions

NAFXCW.LIBMFC Static-Link Library, Release version
NAFXCWD.LIBMFC Static-Link Library, Debug version
UAFXCW.LIBMFC Static-Link Library with Unicode support, Release version
UAFXCWD.LIBMFC Static-Link Library with Unicode support, Debug version
System_CAPS_ICON_note.jpg Note

If you need to build a library version, see the Readme.Txt file in the \atlmfc\src\mfc directory. This file describes using the supplied makefile with NMAKE.

For more information, see Naming Conventions for MFC DLLs and Unicode Versions of the MFC Libraries.

MFC Library Versions