CSimpleArrayEqualHelper Class


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This class is a helper for the CSimpleArray class.

template <class T>  
class CSimpleArrayEqualHelper


A derived class.

Public Methods

CSimpleArrayEqualHelper::IsEqual(Static) Tests two CSimpleArray object elements for equality.

This traits class is a supplement to the CSimpleArray class. It provides a method for comparing two elements stored in a CSimpleArray object. By default, the elements are compared using operator=(), but if the array contains complex data types that lack their own equality operator, you will need to override this class.

Header: atlsimpcoll.h

Tests two CSimpleArray object elements for equality.

static bool IsEqual(
    const T& t1,
    const T& t2);


An object of type T.

An object of type T.

Return Value

Returns true if the elements are equal, false otherwise.

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