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CComMultiThreadModel Class

CComMultiThreadModel provides thread-safe methods for incrementing and decrementing the value of a variable.

class CComMultiThreadModel


Typically, you use CComMultiThreadModel through one of two typedef names, either CComObjectThreadModel or CComGlobalsThreadModel. The class referenced by each typedef depends on the threading model used, as shown in the following table:

typedef Single threading Apartment threading Free threading
CComObjectThreadModel S S M
CComGlobalsThreadModel S M M

S=CComSingleThreadModel; M=CComMultiThreadModel

CComMultiThreadModel itself defines three typedef names. AutoCriticalSection and CriticalSection reference classes that provide methods for obtaining and releasing ownership of a critical section. ThreadModelNoCS references class CComMultiThreadModelNoCS.


Header: atlbase.h

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